Ensuring maximum safety for workers is above all a moral duty, as well as a legal obligation.

350.000 customers share our thinking.


The SOPRANCIODUE Group is today an articulated business reality, founded on three companies whose skills and professionalism are widely recognized on the market: SOPRAN S.p.A., CIODUE S.p.A., CIODUE ITALIA S.p.A.

The excellent technical skills in prevention’s field, the substantial investments in research and development, the proposal of exclusive products and services and the strong commercial dynamism are some of the strengths that have allowed the Group to close with a turnover of over 40,000,000 euros.

It is an extraordinary result, in total contrast with the market trend, which confirms the ability to support customers as a partner with reliable experience in the management of all problems related to fire protection, safety, health in the workplace. The Group can boast a corporate "patrimony" made up of 350,000 customers including small, medium and large enterprises, service companies, craft businesses, agricultural companies, entities and public administration, on the Italian territory and abroad.

SOPRAN, founded in 1983, boasts a staff of over 60 people and has created a commercial network distributed throughout the peninsula. Currently, about 150 agents operate in northern Italy. 40 maintenance technicians and 35 experienced work safety technicians, for consultancy services, fire prevention and training services. The company is constantly and rapidly expanding, thanks also to the success of its loyalty policy and the very high degree of customer satisfaction. In 1992 SOPRAN extended its activities in Lazio and Rome and, for this reason, it set up the company CIODUE ITALIA whose organization faithfully reflects the company philosophy, which always places human resources and teamwork at the center of attention. In 1996 the integration with CIODUE took place, a company that has gained over 60 years of experience in the fire-fighting section. CIODUE is entrusted with the strategic role in the design and construction of systems, components, in particularly qualified after-sales services and in the provision of services related to fire prevention regulations and, in particular, that relating to fire prevention certificates, risk analysis and to the activities related to the Consolidated Law.

In 2002, the Group founded CIODUE ACQUA with the mission of carrying out research and development of new products, experimenting with new technologies and producing innovative solutions. The first major project developed and patented by CIODUE ACQUA is HPN NEBULA®, a high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system unique of its kind in the world. In 2013 the CIODUE ACQUA project reaches full maturity and the company is incorporated into the SPA becoming the WATER DIVISION.

In addition to the extensive range of high-quality products and excellent after-sales services, the Group is appreciated for its impressive database of information and supporting documents, also achieved thanks to its participation in organizations and national and international standardization bodies. This allows the agents and technicians of the companies of the Group to be able to increase their competence and, by working hard, to quickly gain the position of security consultant, credible and reliable, even for large organizations. A qualitative leap that, in addition to professional satisfaction, it provides considerable economic gratification.

The group currently boasts a staff of nearly 200 employees, 250 agents and representatives and more than 60 experienced fire safety and training technicians. The SOPRANCIODUE Group is present throughout the country with over 50 agencies in continuous expansion that guarantee maximum reliability and assistance to make customers feel safe and secure at all times.


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