The Group's parent company, SOPRAN S.p.A., founded in 1983 by a team of experienced fire-fighting and occupational safety professionals.

The history of CIODUE S.p.A. instead began over sixty years ago with the establishment of one of the first fire protection companies in Italy.


SOPRAN S.p.A., the parent company, was established in 1983 in Northern Italy and then expanded in 1992 when SOPRAN CENTRO, today called CIODUE ITALIA, was established to guarantee its services and products to customers in most of the Italian regions.

The leading edge of the company's business policy is the gradual development of a new professional figure that, thanks to a system of lifelong training, is shaped into a sales person able to deal proactively and in close contact with the client with all safety issues from every point of view, a true top level "safety consultant".

In addition to a solid knowledge of laws and regulation, the "safety consultant" is a specialist in fire protection systems for companies able to propose useful applicable solutions aimed at significantly cutting down human-related risks and economic damages caused by lack of safety. In 1996 SOPRAN integrated with CIODUE, a renowned brand and leading company in the fire protection systems and safety and fire protection services for medium and large businesses and foreign companies.

The history of CIODUE S.p.A. began over sixty years ago and it is the history of one of the first fire protection companies in Italy. The company was already a leading company in the plant engineering sector and in 1988 it established in Milan CIODUE Estintori S.r.l. that focussed on building, marketing and maintenance of fire extinguishers and portable security equipment, aggregating and reinforcing a wealth of experience built on decades of research and technological innovation. About ten years later, CIODUE Estintori and CIODUE S.p.A.. merged again into a single company, effectively unifying the know-how, patents, warehouse and brands and implementing the Technical Office for the design and installation of all systems.

CIODUE was immediately given the strategic role of research and development. In 2002 CIODUE researched and developed HPN NEBULA, the first all-Italian nebulised water sprinkling system, which was a great success for over 10 years. In 1998, immediately after the well known Legislative Decree no. 626 on occupational safety was released in Sopran's headquarters in Trezzano sul Naviglio a new structure was established and entrusted with designing and planning all services related to occupational health and safety, fire protection services and fire protection training for employees.

In 2009 the company founded DETFIRE S.r.L., a company specialised in the design and production of smoke detection and fire extinguishing equipment.

In 2015 the group was joined by the company OMNITALIA GSA S.r.L. which had been in business for many years in Northern Italy. Omnitalia brought to the group some important skills in the field of passive fire protection and heat and smoke evacuators.

In 2016 Sopran Academy was established as a project to offer young people who want to become top level safety consultants a continuous training course, consisting in different modules divided in thematic areas. This programme aims to create a highly professional sales figure.

The history of SOPRANCIODUE is a testimony to its dynamism, its flexibility and the capacity to innovate. The excellent technical preparation on prevention, the considerable investments in continuous training of the staff, the offer of exclusive products and services and the marked commercial dynamism are some of the strengths that have allowed the Group to close with a turnover of over 40,000,000 Euros and a substantial increase in sales.

It is an extraordinary result, in a stark contrast with the market trend, which confirms the group's ability to support customers as a partner with a strong experience in management of all the problems related to fire protection and occupational safety and health.

The Group has achieved the remarkable result of 100,000 active and loyal customers including small, medium and large companies, service providers, artisan shops, farms, public institutions and public administration bodies in Italy and abroad.



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A full technical training programme consisting of 7 events (50 hours total) held at the company's headquarters in Trezzano Sul Naviglio.