We express and implement our idea of safety also in the way we respect the environment.

This environmental focus is also enacted with a constant effort to improve the environmental impact of our production activities.


We are the best partner for any Italian company, no matter the sector, which wants to work in a truly professional way, i.e. making profits while staying safe.

We would like that every day new companies found out that safety is both a strategic asset and a solid, certain foundation to build a business on. We feel the responsibility of sharing the wealth of experience and unique knowledge and skills in the fields of fire protection and safety at work and make it available to companies of all sizes.

We dream that one day Italy may became a country where fire protection and occupational safety are core issues treated with the required professional competence, careful planning and sound-minded concreteness, leaving no room for self-referentiality and improvisation.
Our consultants are driven day by day not by the need to just supply services but by the desire to propose useful applicable solutions aimed at significantly cutting down human-related risks and economic damages caused by lack of safety.

We want to cover all of the territory of Italy in a capillary way and to be able to guarantee solutions suitable for every business, from the artisan shop to the big industrial group thanks to our company structure and its highly specialised services.

We want to offer all employees an important and stimulating training path that can guarantee them a long professional and personal growth within the group.



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A full technical training programme consisting of 7 events (50 hours total) held at the company's headquarters in Trezzano Sul Naviglio.