SOPRAN S.p.A. is member of the Board of Directors of UMAN. It actively participates in the activities of this association and promotes several working groups. Founded in 1953 and since 1956 member of ANIMA and CONFINDUSTRIA, UMAN, the National Association of Safety and Fire Protection Companies today stands as the key point of reference for the Confindustria members for all issues in the safety and fire protection sector, uniting all the manufacturers of safety and fire protection materials and those that every day are out in the field and need to make sure that all the devices and materials work as intended to guarantee the safety of people and things.
Safety and all related issues have only recently stopped being an exclusive concern of the sector operators and have become an important component of social life and UMAN stands at the forefront to ensure practical support to all those who want to seize the many opportunities deriving from this new scenario.
Since its foundation, the Association has played an important role as a liaison and contact with Public Institutions at national, European and international level, contributing substantially to the development of laws and regulations needed to cope with the quickly evolving market of safety and fire protection equipment.


SOPRAN, CIODUE and CIODUE ITALIA are AIFOS Certified Training Centers (CTC). The Italian Association of Occupational Safety Trainers and Operators is an employer and employee trade union association established on the basis of art. 39 of the Constitution and it represents companies and individual trainers whose main purpose is the training process.
The members of the Association, which operates at nationwide level, are public and private companies that operate in services provision and consultancy; companies and professional firms operating in the construction and civil engineering sectors; companies that use machinery and equipment to carry out their business and lastly companies operating in the public and private healthcare sector. AIFOS as a national association is a member of CONFCOMMERCIO-IMPRESE for Italy is recognised by the Ministry of Economic Development as a professional association that issues a certificate of quality to its members.
AIFOS is a body established by the laws in force to organise training courses on occupational health and safety pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 81/08 as amended, and is subject to the State-Regions agreements. It operates in Italy through the AIFOS Certified Training Centres, i.e. the companies, members of the association, that under a specific agreement become facilities that are a direct emanation of the Association.
The Association, based on solidarity and social aggregation principles pursues research, development and implementation of activities and initiatives aimed at promoting the association's core principles and makes these initiatives available to its members as well as to public and private bodies operating in the sector.


CIODUE SPA a member of UNI, the Italian National Standardisation Body with which it has worked for many years on the drafting of the Unified Rules (i.e. Standards). CIODUE operates with its specialists in various fields.


CIODUE SPA is a founding member of FISA (Fire Security Association), an association that operates in the fire protection and safety sector and cooperates with FINCO (Federation of Construction Sector Industries), an association which is a subdivision of CONFINDUSTRIA. FISA focuses its attention on the fire protection systems and on the integration of active and passive fire protection in civil and industrial buildings. SAFETY is not regarded as a collateral factor but as a core component of the construction process, hence the need for FISA to join FINCO which is a major point of reference in the construction industry. FISA is ready and eager to work with all associations, not just those of the fire protection sector, in order to disseminate the culture of safety at work in a faster and more thorough way. By operating on several fields FISA has a greater influence on the demands of the Italian and international markets, aiming at making safety not merely as an obligation introduced by the laws but as a true, heartfelt need, not as a cost but as an investment for the future.
On September 14, 2015, FISA signed the FIRST NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION COLLECTIVE LABOUR AGREEMENT with the CONF.S.A.L. (Federation of Autonomous Trade Unions)and CONF.S.A.L. Vigili del Fuoco (Federation of Fire Fighters Autonomous Trade Unions). This is an extremely innovative contract, which incorporates the latest national laws (Jobs Act) and the relevant European Union rulings on labour law issues. The contract was created to meet the needs of Fire Protection Companies whose needs do not exist in other sectors, particularly for what concerns travelling staff and management of IT tools provided to the staff.


FONARCOM is the National Inter-Trade Joint Fund for Continuing Education, an organisation that funds Training Plans created to meet the needs of Italian employees and businesses, through financial instruments suitable for different levels and contexts: in-company, inter-company (between two companies) and in a companies' network context. Thanks to the agreement with FONARCOM, SOPRANCIODUE organises in different parts of Italy courses co-funded by the Inter-Trade Fund and designed for its client companies. This has made it possible to bring in small and medium-sized companies qualified trainers and quality training, custom-tailored to meet the specific needs assessed. Joining FONARCOM is free, according to the laws in force. The companies joining it obtain 0.30% of their annual amounts due to INPS (the Italian National Social Security Institution) as a fund for employees training.


CIODUE S.p.A. is the exclusive Italian distributor of the FIKE Group gas-based fire suppression systems. FIKE is a multinational company, world leader in the manufacturing of fire protection equipment and fire suppression gases. The products exclusively treated by CIODUE S.p.A are: ECARO25- FM200-PRINERT-CO2.


DYNAMECO is a company of the DYNAMITE NOBEL group that deals with fire protection systems. CIODUE S.p.A. has been in a solid work partnership with DYNAMECO for several years: CIODUE S.p.A. is one of the few authorized distributors of the ionised potassium fire-fighting particles generator in Italy. Moreover, since 1994, CIODUE has been of the first companies in Italy that has developed, designed and distributed aerosol fire-suppression technology in Italy.



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