Assistance and maintenance
to guarantee maximum reliability


The SOPRANCIODUE Group, through its maintenance staff and support workshops located throughout Italy ensures maintenance of all types of fire extinguishers and of all fixed fire extinguishing systems (hydrants and fire hose reels).

Maintenance is carried out all over Italy through a network of more than 60 technicians and 7 workshops. The operations are carried out in FULL compliance with the UNI EN 9994-1:2013 and UNI EN 671-3:2009 regulations, as well as the Ministry Decree no.64 of 10/03/1998, and of course the Legislative Decree no. 81/2008. The process also has fully certified ISO 9001:2015 certification.

CIODUE has certified with ICIM S.p.A. the entire process of maintenance management up to the disposal of exhausted extinguishing agents and every year it undergoes in-depth third party checks to guarantee and demonstrate the correct application of these procedures for the purpose of compliance with the Rules.

The technicians of the SOPRANCIODUE Group have attended specialisation courses carried out as part of their trade association's training programme.

In addition to that the technicians have also obtained qualifications by a third party certification body, in accordance with the provisions of the UNI 9994/2 Regulation; the qualification exams for each individual maintenance technician are carried out by the certification body ICIM S.p.A. and registered on the ACCREDIA (Italian accreditation body) website.

As a further guarantee of the technicians' work the Group companies have underwritten suitable professional liability insurance to cover damage to property and persons.

All waste disposal operations carried out as a result of the maintenance service are also fully compliant to the rules and laws in force and are included in the ISO 9001 certified processes. All the workshops are equipped with a dust recovery system, a hydraulic testing ramp for tanks and cylinders and a carbon dioxide loading system with a cryogenic tank.

An in-house technical staff with first class training allows SOPRANCIODUE to guarantee over time the training and updates of the maintenance network also for what concerns the releasing of new laws and regulations. Some technicians also cooperate directly with Italian and European working groups that deal with the release of new standards.

The whole maintenance service is coordinated centrally by two operating structures, one in Trezzano and one in Fiano Romano. Each structure consists of employees specialized in this specific sector and is coordinated by 2 managers.

The IT part is entrusted to a powerful software, specifically designed for the SOPRANCIODUE group, which allows the coordinated management of operations, processing accounts and extraordinary inspections to all the companies of the group. Each work is automatically managed from planning to billing which makes it possible to trace every single step in the life of every fire extinguisher returned for repairs or reworks. The maintenance bulletins signed by the customer when the inspection is carried out are available ON-LINE for review, like the contracts and the full history of the works performed.

Our staff is quite varied and this allows each member of it to feel equally responsible for the common effort even if all of us are part of an orderly operational structure. This is the first and most important requisite of a company capable to offer safety and ability to innovate.




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A full technical training programme consisting of 7 events (50 hours total) held at the company's headquarters in Trezzano Sul Naviglio.