Assistance and maintenance
to guarantee maximum reliability


Assistance and maintenance to guarantee maximum reliability. The SOPRANCIODUE Group, through its maintenance staff, the Group companies and the certified business partners that operate with their own staff ensures maintenance of all types of emergency fire fighting kits and passive fire protection systems everywhere in Italy.

• Fire doors
• Sliding gates
• Fire emergency exits
• Smoke and heat evacuators
• Emergency lights
• Equipment for emergency teams

Using exclusively specialised personnel we maintain a high level of quality and, most important of all, we can guarantee over time all the repair operations and the maintenance of the original conditions of the kit. Our skill, which we deploy and coordinate over all of the Italian territory is quite rare as it includes a wide and varied range of professional skills and competences, from the blacksmith's to the bricklayer's, from the window maker's to the electrician's. Acquiring and maintaining all of these skills requires a technician to dedicate his/her professional life to those specific fields of activity.

The operations are carried out in FULL compliance with the UNI EN 11473 and UNI 11222 regulations, the Ministry Decree no.64 of 10/03/1998 as further amended, the Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and to the regulations and laws in force concerning equipment for Emergency team and PPE in general. All of our technicians have also attended all the relevant training courses.

As a further guarantee of the technicians' work the Group companies have underwritten suitable professional liability insurance to cover damage to property and persons.

An in-house technical staff with first class training allows SOPRANCIODUE to guarantee over time the training and updates of the maintenance network also for what concerns the releasing of new laws and regulations. Some technicians also collaborate directly in (Italian and European) working groups that deal with the release of new standards.

The whole maintenance service is coordinated centrally by two operating structures, one in Trezzano and one in Fiano Romano. Each structure consists of employees specialized in this specific sector and is coordinated by 2 managers.

The IT part is entrusted to powerful software, specifically designed for the SOPRANCIODUE group, which allows the coordinated management of operations, processing accounts and extraordinary inspections to all the companies of the group. Each work is automatically managed from planning to billing, which makes it possible to trace every single step in the life of every fire extinguisher returned for repairs or reworks by means of a barcode system. The maintenance bulletins signed by the customer when the inspection is carried out are available ON-LINE for review, like the contracts and the full history of the works performed.

To be a true skilled and competent professional specialisation is necessary!




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A full technical training programme consisting of 7 events (50 hours total) held at the company's headquarters in Trezzano Sul Naviglio.