SOPRANCIODUE, thanks to its high level of know-how and a pool of specialized technicians is able to satisfy any request in the field of design and engineering of fire protection systems.

Security requires teamwork


Our work teams wield the full range of skills needed and include mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, hydraulic, chemical and civil sectors. The technical office has all the technological resources needed to meet all requirements related to design and engineering (AutoCAD workstations, A0 colour plotters, laser printers and A3 scanners) and it makes sure to retain and improve its skills over time by staff training and a continuous update on new regulations and laws both in Italy and internationally.

Some technicians of the SOPRANCIODUE Group will also cooperate directly with Italian and European working groups that deal with the release of new standards and with harmonisation of European Standards with Italian standards (UNI).
One of our features that is very difficult for our competitors to match, is the chance we offer to our clients to interact with a pool of 60 people including experts, maintenance technicians, security technicians, engineers, chemists and counsellors that operate all over Italy, supervised and coordinated from our headquarters in Milan and Rome to offer other companies a full package including safety and fire protection.

The 2015 Fire Prevention Code introduced the concept of FIRE SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in which the design phase of the fire protection system does not entail just the physical systems and the design and installation stage, but also covers the organisation (roles, responsibilities, duties, emergency procedures, information, training, and so on) as well as the operation and maintenance time stages.
The approach proposed by the Decree shifted from a "PRESCRIPTIVE" approach to a "PERFORMANCE BASED" one. In the PRESCRIPTIVE APPROACH the compliance to the requirements of a technical standard is assumed to provide the guarantee that the system guarantees the expected level of fire protection. In the PERFORMANCE-BASED APPROACH the designer uses several different tools, depending on the project choices made, to test and demonstrate that the system provides the required level of fire protection. Those who seriously take care of safety and fire protection know that when the fire protection system is properly designed it is also possible to reduce costs: material costs, installation costs and even ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs.

Security requires teamwork!




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A full technical training programme consisting of 7 events (50 hours total) held at the company's headquarters in Trezzano Sul Naviglio.