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"GRUPPO SOPRANCIODUE" means the company SOPRAN S.p.A. with headquarters in Via Leonardo da Vinci no. 150, Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI), and the company CIODUE S.p.A. with headquarters in Via Pier della Francesca no. 5, Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI), and the company CIODUE ITALIA S.p.A. with headquarters in Via Antonio Cavallini No. 2, Fiano Romano (RM), and the company OMNITALIA GSA SRL with headquarters in Via Leonardo da Vinci, no. 144/146 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI).

"Site" means the website managed by the SOPRANCIODUE GROUP and in the name of SOPRAN S.p.A., with headquarters in Via Leonardo da Vinci, no. 150, Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI), Italy.

"User" or "You" means any visitor and/or user of the Site. The various sections of the Site are managed by the SOPRANCIODUE GROUP or by third parties from time to time expressly indicated. This agreement contains the terms and conditions concerning the use of the Site, the services, and products made available through the Website. These terms and conditions govern the User's responsibilities, and together with other aspects the limits of liability of the SOPRANCIODUE GROUP. Please, read this agreement carefully and completely before using the Site. BY ACCESSING ANY PART OR SECTION OF THE SITE, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND UNDERTAKE TO FOLLOW THEM. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF THE CONDITIONS GIVEN IN THIS AGREEMENT SHALL NOT USE THE SITE.


Confidential Property Notice.

The User acknowledges that the contents of the site - script code, graphics, text, tables, images and any other information available in any form - are protected under the legislation on intellectual property.

For profit purposes it is permitted to use, copy and distribute the documents and related images available on this site only with written permission (or equally valid for legal purposes) of the SOPRANCIODUE GROUP, without prejudice to any legal entitlements. The copyright notices, the authors where indicated or the source itself must in all cases be cited in the publications in any form realized and disseminated.


Brand names

GRUPPO SOPRANCIODUE is a registered and figurative trademark owned by SOPRAN S.p.A. and CIODUE S.p.A., as well as all the logos used within the Site and registered as trademarks by one or more companies belonging to the SOPRANCIODUE GROUP. The trademarks and third-party logos on the Site are the exclusive property of their respective owners. The use or reproduction of these trademarks and logos in any form or manner is forbidden.


Permitted use

The user can use the Site exclusively for legitimate activities and must not use the Site for speculative or fraudulent activities. The user declared to be of age (18 years of age) or to have the age to assume the legal obligations and responsibilities resulting from the use of the Site and in any case greater than 14 years of age. Otherwise, the User must refrain from using the Site. Users who perform fraudulent or illegal acts will be prosecuted according to the law.


General limitation of liability

The information, software, and services included or available through the Site may contain inaccuracies or errors. The SOPRANCIODUE GROUP provides to insert on the site information as up-to-date as possible, nevertheless does not guarantee its completeness or accuracy. The SOPRANCIODUE GROUP and/or its respective suppliers reserve the right to make improvements and/or changes to the Site and/or services offered at any time and without notice. The SOPRANCIODUE GROUP and/or its respective suppliers do not release any guarantee or declaration regarding the appropriateness, reliability, availability, absence of viruses or other components that may cause damage, accuracy of information, software, services and related graphics contained in the Website or in the services offered in relation to any purpose. Under no circumstances may the SOPRANCIODUE GROUP and/or its suppliers are held liable for direct, indirect, moral, incidental, special or consequential damages or for damages of any kind arising from, or in any way connected with, the use or execution of the Site or any services present therein, to the delay or inability to use the Site or its services, to the provision or non-provision of services, or to any information, software, service and related graphics obtained through the Site. The GROUP SOPRANCIODUE cannot be in any way responsible for any damage or injury, loss or default caused by services or sections of the site which are not directly managed by the management.


Links to other Web Sites

The links to external sites, indicated on the Site, are provided as a simple service to users, with the exclusion of any responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the set of links indicated. The indication of the links does not imply the part of the SOPRANCIODUE GROUP any kind of approval or sharing of responsibility in relation to the completeness and correctness of the information contained on any website that can be connected to this Site or from which it is possible to have access to this Website. The connection by other sites to this site through hypertext links to its main page (home page) can be made upon request sent to the SOPRANCIODUE GROUP. The SOPRANCIODUE GROUP reserves the right to deny authorization to the link in the event that such connection could in any way constitute damage of any kind to the companies of the Group (including damage to the image and good name), to his unquestionable judgment. Hypertext links c.d. deep (deep links) or with techniques aimed at preventing the recognition of (or masking) the authorship of the contents (framing) are expressly forbidden.




The use of cookies by the owner of this site, the SOPRANCIODUE Group (including the companies SOPRAN SPA, CIODUE ITALIA SPA, CIODUE SPA) is part of the company Privacy Policy. The extended information for the use of cookies can be viewed HERE.


Reports and complaints

For any report, complaint or information the User is requested to write to: GRUPPO SOPRAN CIODUE located in Via Leonardo da Vinci, no. 150, Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI).


End of the service

The SOPRANCIODUE GROUP may end or suspend the User's access to all or part of this site, at any time, without notice and in its sole discretion.



The headings of the terms used here are for use only and cannot in any way affect or influence the interpretation of these terms and conditions. If any clause or part of a clause of this agreement should be considered void because it is contrary to a provision of applicable law, all other terms and clauses or parts of the clause will remain fully valid and effective.


Disclosure pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments concerning "Rules governing the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, including those without legal status".


Sopran SpA has adopted its own Organization, Management and Control Model, has its own Code of Ethics and has appointed a Supervisory Body. The Code of Ethics that represents our code of conduct is available in THIS ATTACHMENT.

We inform you that all those who work with our company are required to know and respect the principles contained therein.

Any reports can be sent in paper form to the following address:

Supervisory Body c / o Sopran SPA Viale Leonardo da Vinci, 150 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI).


Applicable law and competent court

These terms and conditions will be governed and interpreted by Italian laws. For any dispute arising from these terms and conditions or related to them, the Court of Milan, Italy will be exclusively competent. For all that is not expressly provided here, the provisions of the law in force in the Italian law apply.


Personal data processing

The SOPRANCIODUE GROUP guarantees that the processing of the data communicated by the User through the Site - via e-mail, electronic forms, or by other means - complies with the provisions of the legislation on protection of personal data Legislative Decree 196/2003 and amendments, and EU Regulation 679/2016.

More information about the data controller, the data processed, the purposes, the storage methods, and the rights of the data subjects are available in the attached documents










At any time, the User may have access to his data, correct them, request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, completely free of charge by writing to:


Via Leonardo da Vinci No. 150

20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI)


Or by sending an email to


Personal data processing for SOPRANCIODUE group customers


Personal data processing for SOPRANCIODUE group customers


The data controller is the SOPRANCIODUE Group (including the companies SOPRAN SPA, CIODUE SPA and CIODUE ITALIA SPA). The details of the offices are reported in the information pursuant to Law 88/2009 below. SOPRANCIODUE Group wishes to inform you that the corporate name of your company as well as the personal and identification data of the contact person that will interface with our company will be collected and processed for the following purposes. The treatments carried out with the aid of paper/computer tools do not provide for the use of automated decision-making processes.


- Execution of contractual services detailed in the contract signed between the Parties.


- Execution of administrative/accounting requirements (including legal obligations)


- Implementation of regulatory updating activities by sending communications (newsletters) subject to consent.


In order to continue business relations with its customers, it is necessary to complete, stamp and sign the customer information. The information is also present in the reserved area or can be downloaded HERE.


Information pursuant to Law 88/2009 and pursuant to art. 2250 and 2497-Bis of the Civil Code



Registered and administrative office: Via Leonardo da Vinci n ° 150 - 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) VAT and Tax Code 07202950155 - REA Milan n. 1147562 - Cap. Social € 104.000,00 int. poured out



Registered and administrative office: Via Pier della Francesca n ° 5, - 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) VAT ID and Tax Code 00753370154 - REA Milan n. 0504076 - Cap. Social € 538.200,00 int. poured out



Registered and administrative office: Via Antonio Cavallini n ° 2 - 00065 Fiano Romano (RM) P.IVA e C.F. 12647740153 - REA Rome n.928210 - Cap. Social € 150.000,00 int. Poured out



Registered and administrative office in Via Leonardo da Vinci, 144/146 - 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) VAT and Tax Code 08772240969 - REA Milan n. 2047882 - Cap Soc. 100.000,00 int. Poured out


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