Reserved Area

In the reserved area our customers will be able to access all the data related to their position, that is:

-          Orders

-          Contracts

-          Invoices

-          Payments

-          Maintenance bulletins

-          Documents necessary for the finalisation of contracts (insurance-risk assessment-Tax Compliance Statement (DURC) and so on)

To access the reserved area you have to register to receive the temporary password that you then shall change upon your first access.

The access credentials will be unique for all the companies of the group even if you are a customer of different companies of our group (SOPRAN-CIODUE-CIODUE ITALIA). In this case, when logging in you will be asked to choose the company you'd like to operate with.

For any question please send an e-mail to info@ciodue.it indicating the error or problem and leave a telephone number we can call you back to.

The technical staff will get back to you shortly.