There are many funding and financial aid options for companies, and the available options change quite frequently!

Thanks to its structure, SOPRANCIODUE can offer different paid training schemes (either funding the course or refunding it afterwards).


Our experience is at the service of the customers to give them the opportunity to have access to funds, loans and grants; some of them are always available, others can be provided only through specific industry calls for funding applications.

The main funding tools include the inter-trade associations funds for professional training, provincial and regional calls for applications, ISI INAIL, OT20 and OT 24 INAIL, as well as local initiatives by other bodies. Our customers that benefit from our General Safety Plan receive every useful update on these activities, along with free support.



A review of useful links in the fire protection and safety industries, links to public service/information sites, links to other companies in our industry and other recommended sites


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A full technical training programme consisting of 7 events (50 hours total) held at the company's headquarters in Trezzano Sul Naviglio.